Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year

I am writing this in hopes that I will finally update. I have yet to do anything I wanted to do that I've been urging myself to do. I do have parts that I can post, but I'm still not comfortable with them. You should be glad, but I know the quiet people who enjoy my story will curse me. Trust me, you want quality and better story than if I just posted whatever I think of. I am curious if my audience are the same people on here that view the site or just new people every time? I think I like not knowing and keeping it a mystery. Deep down I'm a very pessimistic person sometimes with this stuff, but I've worked pretty hard on this story off and on over these past five, now nearly six years.

I can honestly say a lot has changed. I do procrastinate this story a lot of the time I can say that, but I don't do well with deadlines. They never make me feel inspired, creative, or happy. This is one reason why I won't take a writing career seriously. It's taken almost six years to get this far in my story and even then I've suffered through being lax with it. I wish you all a Happy Holidays, a good start to a new year coming up, and happy reading whatever you like and love doing. I will be posting something soon for good faith. Even though I don't update often, I don't abandon this story, I just have time away from it (it terrible long spans of time).

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Things To Do

Update the html
Post more parts
Make a map
Edit over old parts
Stop being a dingus and get on with it.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

It's Been A Long Time.

So, where were you? What have you been up to?

Let's see, working towards getting accepted into a college.
Working as a sample giver (11/hr : D) -hours suck : ( -
Working on a map for Abduction

I'll possibly update every and again, but honestly I'll admit this right here: Abduction was written up to this point almost out of my ass. I'm tired of not having a clear image of the world, so I'm working on compiling a map of the place. I'm not sure how long it'll take in total (I'm never sure of these things). And I'm also working on back-stories of various characters as well. I'll release this within the month so stay tuned for that. I'll even post an unedited edition of one character's I'm working on.

Taku Kitsune
Ability centers around Space. He can manipulate dimensions of objects, and partially matter. He can partially change through dimensions, but does not fully manuevere through them, nor cares to. He chooses to remain ignorant on the subject of his own abilities, to make as little impact or mistakes as possible. This is why he argues a lot with Keishi. He likes to remain hidden due to his past.

He started in the wild, being a lone male. After being shortly captured from a run-in with Humans, they beat him, and tortured him, turning him timid and frightful. He was kept in an encampment inside of tiny confinements, forced to stay in his Human-Form, as well as raped and electrocuted, among other things. After a long time of enduring torment, and proving them he could obey, they allowed him to walk around freely.

He commonly would turn into his fox-form to relax and to hide from any Humans. Having always been forced to stay in Human-Form, they would never recognize him otherwise. He disliked being confined or trapped in corners, but he would always make himself small and hide to remain hidden. One day he wandered away too far for too long, and upon his return, was severly beaten towards the point of death. He was also thrown out of the encampment, left to die. The Elder found him in his fox-form, badly bleeding, barely alive, and nursed him back to health.

He abhors his Human-Form for multiple reasons. That form reminds him too much of his past pain, along with being completely scarred and battered, and the less freedom it seems comes with it, unlike his fox-form. The Elder helped to instruct him on how to use his ability.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Little Caesars and Debauchery

I am two weeks into working for Little Caesars. So far it's been more laid back than I'd give it credit for, but that's not to be complained about. What I hate is working front counter. So far I haven't dealt with extremely bad people. The only "bad" person I can think of was the guy who couldn't wait 5 fricken minutes for a damned pizza. What the fuck? How can someone be THAT impatient. Ah well, welcome to American, folks! Where unless you get it in two seconds, it's not worth your time or money.

Shakerboarding is a bit boring. You don't talk to anyone. If I had more people to talk to, it wouldn't be so bad. But at least my room mate is willing to stay out there for the six hours I'm outside, and even buy me lunch when he can. The only thing front counter has, is the conversations, and the different tasks. Shakerboarding, you don't have to deal with anyone honestly, except the odd drivers every now and again. For some reason people love to honk at one another when they see someone they haven't seen in a long time. That can be hilarious sometimes or just a... really?

The oddest things I've seen out there are a party-bus with guys gnam gnam styling to a van they kept to speed with as well as passing traffic. I've also seen a completely blind dog. Didn't look exactly helpless or anything. It was just kinda like, this wind sucks. It was in the back of a truck with another dog who just stared me down. Almost like it was saying "Hey.. Don't come to this truck. I'm wary of you." But it didn't bark. I mostly was just curious of the blind dog. The oddest thing I was ever told was: "I love you." By some strange guy. The nicest thing I've encountered was a woman who pulled up in front of me and tossed me some gloves because I wasn't wearing any. Also note that people LOVE to honk at you, give you a thumbs up of encouragement, and police like to do the 'nod of approval' at you. Still work for Cutco, fullfilling orders every now and again.

If anyone would like to contact me regarding that (because people LOVE Cutco) then you can reach me here:

Just let me know you're interested in Cutco so I don't think it's spam. Enjoy part 126, and good evening you ees. Also happy Valentines Day, because I know I won't have come on to update more than likely. And happy birthday self who'll read this in the future. Cause YOU always do.


Saturday, December 15, 2012

Fixed The Site

I have finally fixed the links around the site. I saw that quite a few of them were broken. And I now also have a job with little Caesers. I was trying to apply for an insurance agency, but I didn't do well in my interview. As for an apartment, still haven't moved into one yet. My room mate is an ass about it. Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone. I'm sure I won't post by that time.


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Life Update

Things are getting a bit tough here. Not so much people-wise, but finances. My job at Cutco is tough to do. I have to treat it like a part-time job for now, while I look for apartments and a much "steadier" paycheck. I've been doing some math as well on apartments down to how much I'll be paying per square foot. The cheapest so far is $0.80 per. I'll keep you posted on that stuff. Now as for story updates, I've been more so working in a few other projects and Utopia, Underground, and Redefinition. See you all soon.



Tuesday, July 24, 2012

New Opening

After having so many people reading my story and turning it down, my advisor finally convinced me to rework the beginning. I was hesitant at first since I didn't even know where or even how to being, but as I got started, it slowly came to me. The first part is basically the same premise, just heavier detailed and it flows far better. There next fourteen is also going to revamped as well. I must say, my writing has vastly improved.